1500 g Easter Bread | carton

The traditional Dresdner Easterbread, like our Original Dresdner Christstollen, is custom-made using such fine ingredients, as sultanas, candied lemon peel, candied orange peel, and almonds. The dough is not as heavy as a fruit loaf but it’s not as light as a Panetone.

Tradition has it that this high quality pastry ceremoniously was the highlight of every Easter-dining banquet marking the end of lent.

Our Easter breads are, we all our products, lovingly formed and baked by hand.

We grant on
our Easter bread a shelf life of 3 months.


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wheat flour, sultanas (21,8%), butter, water, apricot jam (apricots, glucose syrup, sugar), fondat (sugar,water, glucose syrup), almonds, candied lemon peel (cedar lemon, glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid), marzipan (almonds, sugar invert sugar syrup), sugar, yeast, candied orange pell (bitter orange, glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid), milk powder, lemon peel, salt, vanilla


100g enthalten durchschnittlich
1684 kJ / 402 kcal
17,4 g
therof saturated fat
8,20 g
53,7 g
thereof sugar
31,9 g
5,80 g
0,40 g