Baguette of the month "Apple & Red Cabbage" | 350g

The bread is characterized by something very special: anticipation!

Looking forward to hearty goose legs with dumplings and red cabbage!

This baguette has a crispy crust, a velvety interior and a taste reminiscent of grandma's homely extended family kitchen when the glowing eyes of children were allowed to try a small spoonful of grandmother's delicious homemade cabbage.

It makes you want Christmas, lights, cosiness, warmth, candles, love and time. It is reminiscent of thick bellies snoring on the couch after enjoying goose leg, potatoes, dumplings and turkey breast!

This creation fits perfectly to everything, e.g. smeared with goose fat and salt sprinkling, but above all to a beautiful roast bread from the duck leg, where you can titillate the long bread beautifully in the sauce!


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wheat flour, water, rye flour, wheat sourdough, apples, red cabbage, sea salt, yeast


100g enthalten durchschnittlich
therof saturated fat
thereof sugar

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