Baguette of the month "Siebenfaltigkeits - Baguette" | 350g

Our new monthly baguette has arrived - The Siebenfaltigkeits - Baguette

The ruggedly torn crust shows itself in a warm sandy brown like at sunrise in the Sahara. But the shadow play also offers mahogany tones, which invite to dream. The real surprise, however, only comes to light inside: velvety, fluffy, soft and with a grandiose taste, but also with delicate spice and the finest aromas of fresh grain, it playfully caresses the palate. The secret of the Siebenfaltigkeit lies in the ingredients: Spelt cooked piece, wheat, rye, sourdough, wheat sourdough, rye cooked piece and bread clover, which weigh themselves in harmony like a sun-kissed cornfield in summer.

This bread is an all-rounder and a treat for every occasion.


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Spelt cooking piece, wheat, rye, sourdough, wheat sourdough, rye cooking piece and bread clover, water, sea salt, yeast


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therof saturated fat
thereof sugar