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1000g Almond Stollen


(€18.69 kg)

For all Stollen Frienswho are not so fond of rasins, this is you perfect Stollen.

Our Almond Stollen does not contain raisins, but our bakers add more sweet and bitte almonds in the dough. Almond Stollen, as all our products, is without preservatives, therefore it has only a shelf life of 6 weeks.

Available at November 2019!


wheat flour, sugar, butter, vegetable fat, almonds (12,62 ), water, candied lemon peel (cedra lemon, glucose syrup, sugar), butter fat, candied orange peel (bitter orange, glycose syrup, invert sugar syrup), icing sugar (dextrose, wheat starch, vegetable fat untempered (Palm)), yeast, stollen spices, milk powder, lemon peel, salt, vanilla

100g enthalten durchschnittlich
therof saturated fat
thereof sugar