Specialities - Presents

  • Traditional products from Saxony with Saxonian Wine


    “Traditional Products from Saxony” including one Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen® (1000g) in an ornamented metal box picturing Canaletto’s “Neumarkt” and one bottle of  Schloß Proschwitz Elbling, 750ml

    Producer Weingut Schloss Proschwitz
    Prinz zur Lippe, Dorfanger 19, 01665 Diera-Zehren
    Alcohol:11.5 %vol
    Residual sugar:6,2 g/l
    Acidity:6.1 g/l
    Recommended Drinking Temperature:10°C
    Contains Sulfite:yes

    Available from September 15th!

  • Specialties from Saxony - in a nice wooden box


     “Traditional Products from Saxony"

    1 Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen® (1000g) in a foil, 
    1 bottle of Schloss Proschwitz Pinot Blanc Brut 750ml
    6 handmade chocolate truffels.

    Available from September 15th!



  • Delicacies from Saxony


    1 Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen® (1000g), 200g espresso beans and a Baumkuchen-Treecake with Chocolate glaze.