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Poppy Seed Stollen

Poppy Seed Pastries have their Origin in Silesia. In the past Silesia bordered on Saxony and soon, the poppy seed specialities got famous also in our Saxonian area. Since we are baking Stollen we are also baking Poppy Seed Stollen. As poppy seed Stollen is enjoyed best freshly baked, as it has only a shelf life of 3 weeks, we only now deceided to offer you this delicious pastry online. Our Poppy Seed Stollen is traditionally handmade and baked in a rectangular baking form. A thin dough is wrapped around the juicy poppy filling, which also contains raisins. After baking the Stollen is buttered and sugared.

If you love poppy seeds, you will love this Stollen, but be aware that the shelf life is max 3 weeks!!!

Available at 15. November!