Are you a baker with a passion, a confectioner with a lot of creativity or a salesman with a heart?

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Our employees are our most important asset and we see ourselves as a reliable partner to our employees. Look forward to an exciting environment in a great ambience.

Job opportunities

We are always looking for good, motivated employees who complement our team and share our passion for bread, rolls, cakes and tarts.

Write us a message and we will contact you immediately. Thank you very much, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Here you will find our current vacancies:

Information Technician (f/m/d)


At the moment there are no apprenticeships available.


No matter whether you want to become a baker, confectioner or bakery salesman – an internship or holiday job is always worth it. So you can gain your first experience and see whether the job is really what you want it to be and whether it’s fun for you.

You should also apply in good time for an internship. This can be a school internship or a voluntary internship. An internship always makes sense if you are interested in a profession. This will give you a first insight into everyday working life. If you are thinking about becoming a baker or confectioner, you can knead dough, look over your colleagues’ shoulders and bake your own bread while working at the Dresden bakery.

If you like working with people, don’t want to sit in an office all day and are interested in selling, you will certainly like an internship as a bakery sales assistant.

Here you get to know the everyday life in a bakery and get a good insight into the individual work areas.

As a rule, an internship lasts four to twelve weeks; you discuss the concrete duration directly with the company. There is also the possibility that you only do a two-week internship at the Dresden Backhaus. Just ask at

If you put a lot of effort into your internship, you might be able to do an apprenticeship at the Dresdner Backhaus. Don’t be afraid to talk to us about it. Your advantage is that during your internship you have already been able to get to know the baking house, the work processes and your colleagues. This makes good arguments for you obvious.

Holiday job and weekend job

A holiday job is especially practical for students who only have time during the holidays. Then you can work for a few weeks in the bakery house, gain your first experience in working life and improve your pocket money.

We are also happy to employ temporary staff from the age of 16 in the afternoons and weekends. We look forward to receiving your application at