Tino Gierig

Born 1970 into a family of bakers, I grew up getting to know my parent’s business in its second generation. Thus the handcraft of baking was passed down to me.

After my apprenticeship to become a confectioner and then a master baker I first remained in my families business in Neustadt/Saxony so that I could later find new inspiration from experienced master bakers and confectioners.

The encounter with Mrs. Eli Kreutzkamm-Aumüller in 2008 immediately showed that we would become an unbeatable team. It is very important to the both of us to preserve the handcraft tradition of baking.

I get inspired by local products, different spices and produces daily. I then like to experiment with my craftsmen and masters to come up with new unusual culinary combinations (for example chestnut-truffle baguette, hijiki seaweed-poppy baguette, and ginger-papaya baguette).

I am proud to say, that our bread, bread rolls, cake, pastries and our Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen are made traditional, only by hand and without additives.

In November 2015 I successfully passed the exam to become the first state-proved bread sommelier.