Eli Kreutzkamm-Aumüller

Exquisite confectionery and pastry goods have been associated with the name Kreutzkamm for centuries now. In 1825 my great-great-grandfather Heinrich Jeremias Kreutzkamm opened a pastry shop at the Altmarkt in Dresden and created, with the help of experienced workers, delicious cakes, pies, pralines, among others and of course Dresdner Christstollen. Four generations of Kreutzkamms spoiled the citizens of Dresden, as well as customers from Germany and from all around the world with their delicacies of the former purveyor to the royal court of Saxony. During the bomb strike on Dresden, on the night of February 13th 1945, the entire life’s work of the four generations was destroyed.

Around 1950 my father, Fritz Kreutzkamm, settled down in Munich and rebuilt the main production and store, which is now managed by my mother Friederike Kreutzkamm and Mr. Frank Reiser.

Born 1967 in Munich, I grew up familiar with my families company. After graduating with the Abitur, I studied business and spent one year in the US, before I took over the former Striesener Backhaus in the district of Striesen in Dresden, thereby continuing the families tradition in its fifth generation in Dresden. Since 1997 we are known under the name “Dresdner Backhaus GmbH“. Our nearly 100 employees, including our 7 apprentices, as well as many diligent assistants in our stores, ensure that bread, bread rolls, cake, pastries and traditional handmade ice cream are made without additives and preservatives.

We are proud to say, that we have exclusively employed apprenticed craftsmen and masters in our bakery and confectionary. On top of that, our Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen is fully handmade, and of course, wears the quality seal of the Dresdner Stollen Association “Schutzverbandes Dresdner Stollen e.V“. Mandelstollen (Almondstollen), Mohnstollen (Poppy Seed Stollen), and exotischer Früchtestollen (Exotic Fruit Stollen) complement the Christmas assortment.

Our stollen is exclusively resold in well-assorted fine food stores and gourmet food sections.