Outstanding craftsmanship accompanied with local ingredients – when combining the two, you get one of our excellent products made in our bakery. And combining the two is what we do daily and making our customers smile through our high-quality products gives the incentive to continue to do so.

Of course, we bake without any baking mixtures or baking aids. This is a given for us.

Our confectionery bakes delicious pies, tarts, and cakes daily, as well as handmade special cakes.

Our pastry chefs create the cakes with lots of expertise and precession. For questions, our pastry chefs can help you during our „Tortensprechstunde“ the cake consultation hours.


Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen®
„Ausgezeichnet! Echte Handarbeit!“ – “Excellent! Real handcraft!“

From our foundation in 1825 has been using the best ingredients to create an aromatic and delicious Stollen dough. Each loaf is lovingly formed by hand in the process of becoming one of our traditional Christmas Stollen: our guarantee for outstanding Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen® quality.